The Band

Quarter Pound Jones is a cover band based in Denville, New Jersey. We are defined by three things:  Passion for playing hard, musical diversity beyond standard cover band fare, and lending our talents to be socially responsibility. We’re also great fun at our shows! I mean,  who else has their own burger and shot? (really)

We play many genres of music spanning seven decades with a special emphasis on mainstream alternative music and hits from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. You’ll instantly notice that we play many songs that other bands don’t cover. That would be, well, ho-hum. We’re not in the ho-hum business.


You’ll also notice we restrict our gig schedule. We rarely play more than twice a month, by choice. So, every performance is full of passion, and has a big crowd (fire code enforcement big), like we just got back together after going our separate ways for many years. This isn’t a job for us. It’s a PASSION. We aren’t trying to efficiently get through every gig, saving our voice and fingers. WE GO FOR IT. EVERY TIME. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We strive to make each show a musical experience, with the right atmosphere, the right crowd and the right songs. We promote our shows vigorously online, in print, and in social media to make sure everything comes together perfectly on any given night.

(Clockwise from top left): Tom Cassella (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Phil Brojan (Drums/Vocals), John O’Boyle (Guitar/Vocals), Pete Pizza (Guitar/Vocals), Ed Schultheiss (Keys/Vocals), Steve Horky (Guitar/Vocals), Jim Rodimer (Bass)

We have multiple lead singers that vary greatly in tone and style, allowing us to play a wide range of music and artists (with some intricate four-part harmonies when needed!). Our set list is unpredictable, and appeals to a wide range of music lovers. It’s the first thing our “regulars” will tell you.

Almost all band members hail from the Indian Lake area of Denville made up of 1,200 family-oriented households brought together by a community social club that sits right on the lake. This gives us a large, loyal following of good friends and even better neighbors. We love our Indian Lakers. They’re our family, and Indian Lake is our home base. Our children play together, and you can often find us hanging out together on the lake when we aren’t with you at your venue! When we play far away from home, we have our own party bus that brings our home crowd with us!

We also love our community, and we support it vigorously. Quarter Pound Jones often organizes or helps create fundraisers for people and families that are in need. We are a socially responsible band, and that’s a big part of who we are. We care for all people, especially children in need, and donate our time accordingly.

We would love to play at your venue, or your next event. Just contact us at or visit our Facebook page. If not, swing by and see us in action at one of our upcoming shows.