The QPJ Burger

The QPJ burger is a double-decker pile of awesomeness that will give you the stamina to dance your way through our entire third set. It’s been known to encourage late nights filled with laughter, good friends, and great music AND raise the average bar tab by approximately 50%.

Two (2) 1/4 lb. Beef Patties

1/4 Cup Fresh Jalapenos

Monterey Jack Cheese

Four (4) Slices Avocado

Mixed greens

One (1) Brioche Bun

Cook burgers to desired temperature. Put jalapenos on burger patties before placing Monterey Jack cheese on top. Stack burger patties with jalapenos and cheese, mixed greens, then avocado on brioche bun. Enjoy with a QPJ shot, and a healthy serving of Quarter Pound Jones!

The QPJ Shot (It tastes like a cheeseburger…no really)

Drink all three shots specifically in the order below. BAM! You just drank a cheeseburger, and worked up the nerve to ask someone to dance. Most people will think, “no way” or “that can’t taste good”. And then they try it…

1 oz. Premium Tequila (Patron Silver or Don Julio Reposado)

1 oz. Tomato Juice (can substitute Bloody Mary or Spicy Bloody Mary mix)

1 oz. Pickle Juice (can substitute plate of 2 pickles slices if necessary)